Hair Loss After Baby

 Navigating Mum's Hair Alterations & Sourcing Reliable Solutions

Becoming a mother is a magical journey filled with many highs and lows. While cradling your newborn brings immense joy, certain post-pregnancy changes can be a bit daunting. One such change that many women experience, yet few openly discuss, is postpartum hair loss. If you're noticing clumps of hair in your brush or a receding hairline, know that you're not alone. Let's dive into understanding this phase and uncover a fantastic solution to boost your confidence.

What does "postpartum hair shedding" mean?

After childbirth, many women experience hair thinning, often referred to as postpartum hair loss. This phenomenon, termed telogen effluvium, can be instigated by factors like stress, physical trauma, or hormonal fluctuations that are prevalent during the postnatal period. While telogen effluvium is generally temporary, research involving 98 postpartum women showed that almost all experienced hair regrowth. Only in two instances was there an unrelated issue preventing hair restoration. 

When does hair shedding begin after giving birth?

Typically, hair thinning post-childbirth begins between eight to 16 weeks post-delivery and often regrows in about four to six months. Generally, it's not a cause for concern unless the shedding is unusually severe or prolonged.

What leads to hair thinning after childbirth?

During the pregnancy phase, there's a significant surge in female hormones, notably oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones not only aid in preparing a woman for the demands of pregnancy, delivery, and lactation but also extend the growth (anagen) phase of hair, making it appear denser and healthier.

However, post-delivery, as these hormone levels stabilize to their regular levels, hair swiftly transitions to the shedding (telogen) phase. Consequently, many women observe increased hair shedding, particularly noticeable during showers and on their pillows when they wake up.

How much hair loss is typical after giving birth?

On an average day, it's natural for someone with healthy hair to shed around 100 hair strands due to the normal hair life cycle.However, post-childbirth, hormone fluctuations cause a larger number of hairs to transition into the shedding stage simultaneously. As a result, postpartum women might observe a surge, losing between 300-600 hairs daily. In the period following childbirth, as many as 60% of hair strands that were actively growing might move to the shedding phase. Interestingly, research indicates that there's almost an equal chance of experiencing no hair loss as there is of experiencing mild shedding after giving birth. While it's less common, some women may experience moderate to severe hair loss.

HairUrchins to the Rescue

While waiting for the natural hair growth cycle to resume, there's no harm in seeking solutions that can provide an immediate confidence boost. That's where HairUrchins comes into the picture. Their hair fibers utilize cutting-edge electrostatic technology and an exclusive hair remedy formula, providing instant fullness and thickness.

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In Conclusion

Motherhood comes with its challenges, but it's also filled with moments that make it all worth it. While postpartum hair loss can be a concern, solutions like HairUrchins make it easier to embrace the change and move forward with confidence. Remember, every strand of hair tells a story, and with HairUrchins, you're empowered to narrate it beautifully.

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