"Tough, spiny, and resilient. Just like the sea urchin, Hair Urchins help you face the world with confidence."



Thinning hair is one of the most noticeable characteristics that changes as we age. During my extensive time doing business abroad, I saw the impact that thinning hair could have on a person's confidence and overall outlook on life, and that's when I knew I had to take action.

I decided to use my experience in the beauty industry to create a solution that would give people back their youthful, energetic outlook. HairUrchins™ was born from this mission, and we use a unique technology to create natural-looking fibers that revitalize and thicken thinning hair. Seeing the difference it has made in people's lives has been incredibly rewarding.

At HairUrchins™, we take pride in our ability to help people feel their best, whether they're dealing with hair loss or simply looking for a little extra oomph. Thank you for stopping by, and we can't wait to show you the difference that HairUrchins™ can make for you!



How did the name HairUrchins™ come about?

HairUrchins™ is more than a name. It draws inspiration from the spiny, tough, and resilient sea urchin, which the founder discovered while traveling in Japan and seeing these creatures up close. 

Our HairUrchins™ fibers are designed to revitalize and thicken thinning hair, just as sea urchins regenerate their spines. Using a unique technology that creates a natural-looking hold, our products utilize strong natural static charges to create a magnetic effect and tightly bind human hair.

Like sea urchins, HairUrchins™ come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, blonde, and grey, to match the diverse hair colors of people from all over the world. Our customers can achieve the perfect look, whether it's a subtle enhancement or a bold change, with the confidence that their hair looks thick, strong, and healthy, just like the spiny sea urchin.

With HairUrchins™, you can face the world with confidence and the assurance that our products are inspired by one of nature's most resilient creatures.


An entrepreneur in the beauty industry since 2005 and an avid traveler for over 20 years. He has had the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life and visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision are to help those experiencing thinning hair. As one of the global leaders in hair care, we are committed to sustainable practices and giving customers the confidence to take on the world.

With our multilingual team, strength in logistics, and global network, we provide exceptional service and quality products worldwide. Our dedication to outstanding after-sale service ensures positive hair journeys for our customers. We believe in sharing hair care knowledge to support healthy, vibrant hair.

We deeply care about the planet and minimizing our environmental impact. Choosing Hair Urchins means making a positive impact on the world. Our ultimate goal is to enable customers to look and feel their best, while preserving the natural beauty of our planet. As we grow and expand, we remain committed to sustainability.

Your Help in Our Marketing

We have chosen to limit our use of traditional printed and offline advertisements, such as advertisement Lamp-boxes and retail stores, as part of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Instead, we rely on the loyalty and support of our customers. If you are satisfied with our hair fibers, we encourage you to share your experience with others. By referring new customers, leaving reviews on our website and social media, and continuing to use our products, you can earn rewards that show our appreciation for your loyalty. ( Discover more about our loyalty rewards program )  

In addition, we are proud to collaborate with like-minded influencers and brands through our affiliate program. Together, we can reach more people who can benefit from our hair fibers and help them achieve the thick and full hair they deserve. 

( Discover more about our affiliate program)  https://www.hairurchins.com/en/pages/affiliates-program

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve you.