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HairUrchins™️ Applicator PROHairUrchins™️ Applicator PRO

Beyond Ordinary, Beyond Compare

The latest generation Hair Fiber Applicator - Applicator Pro! It's not just another applicator. it's the best!

Reasons why this is the best hair applicator in the market:

1. UniFlow™️ Dispersion System: Delivering even fiber flow in every use, UniFlow™️ is your all-in-one solution for hairlines, crowns, and thinning areas. No nozzle change needed.

2. Built-in Electrostatic Enhancer: A unique feature that imparts a mild electrostatic charge to the fibers, ensuring they cling better to existing hair and last longer.



  1. Remove the cap from the bottle
  2. Twist and gently remove the sifter
  3. Attach the Applicator securely onto the bottle
  4. Depress the pump to dispense the desired amount of Hair Fibers
  5. Adjust the pressure applied to control the quantity of fiber released


Ensure the Applicator is kept out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.

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The latest generation Hair Fiber Applicator - Applicator Pro! 

Beyond Ordinary, Beyond Compare

It's not just another applicator; it's the best on the market! 

General Applicator

  • Unnatural Look:

    Many applicators tend to dispense hair fibers one by one in small, distinct dots, creating an unnatural look.

  • Ineffective Layering

    Some applicators can blow away previously applied hair fibers when you attempt to add more, making it challenging to achieve the desired coverage and volume.

  • Nozzle Swapping

    Depending on the position of thinning or receding hair, users often need to switch nozzles on these applicators, making the process cumbersome and time-consuming.

  • Nozzle Detachment

    The nozzles on certain applicators are prone to coming loose during use, causing interruptions and inconvenience.

HairUrchins Applicator PRO

  • Seamless Application:

    Our Applicator Pro uses a scattering spray, providing a seamless and realistic appearance without creating unnatural dots.

  • Effortless Layering: 

    Our Applicator Pro allows for effortless layering, ensuring you can add more fibers without disturbing the ones already in place, achieving the perfect coverage and volume.

  • Nozzle-Free:

    Our universal UniFlow™️ Dispersion System eliminates the need for nozzle changes.

  • Sturdy and Secure: 

    Our applicator is designed for reliability, ensuring that the nozzle and spray cap stay securely in place.

HairUrchins™ Q&A

Here are answers to frequently asked questions

Why do I need a HairUrchins™ Applicator Pro, and how does it outperform other applicators on the market?

The HairUrchins™ Applicator Pro is not just another applicator; it's the best fiber applicator in the market. Here's why you need it and why it stands out:

1. Precision and Even Distribution: Our Applicator Pro features the UniFlow™️ Dispersion System, ensuring an even and precise distribution of hair fibers. Say goodbye to clumps and uneven coverage that you might experience with other applicators.

2. No Nozzle Change: Unlike many other applicators that require nozzle changes to target different areas, our Applicator Pro simplifies the process. You can seamlessly transition from hairlines to crowns to thinning areas without switching nozzles.

3. Built-in Electrostatic Enhancer system : This unique feature imparts a mild electrostatic charge to the fibers, making them cling more effectively to your existing hair. This ensures a longer-lasting, natural look that's resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration.

4. Second-Generation Innovation: The HairUrchins™ Applicator Pro is the second and latest generation of hair fiber applicators. We've incorporated user feedback and cutting-edge technology to make it better than ever.

5. Unparalleled Convenience: Achieving a fuller, thicker head of hair has never been easier. The Applicator Pro is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, allowing you to apply hair fibers with precision and speed.

How do I attach the HairUrchins™ Applicator to my hair fiber bottle?

Simply remove the cap and the sifter from your bottle, and then twist the applicator onto the bottle until secure.

How do I control the amount of hair fibers dispensed by the HairUrchins™ Applicator?

Adjust the pressure you apply to the pump. Light pressure will release fewer fibers, while heavier pressure will release more.

Can I use the HairUrchins™ Applicator with any brand of hair fibers?

The HairUrchins™ Applicator is designed to fit seamlessly onto regular (27.5g) and travel-size (7g) bottles. If your bottle is of a different size, it may not fit properly.

Is the HairUrchins™ Applicator easy to clean?

Yes, you can clean it with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to let it dry completely before reattaching it to your bottle of hair fibers.

Can the HairUrchins™ Applicator get clogged?

If not cleaned regularly, the applicator can get clogged. Regular cleaning after each use can prevent this.

How long does the HairUrchins™ Applicator last?

With proper care and maintenance, your applicator can last a long time. However, this can vary based on usage.

Can I travel with my HairUrchins™ Applicator?

Yes, it's designed to fit both regular and travel-size bottles, making it great for on-the-go use.

What is the HairUrchins™ Applicator made of?

The applicator is made of durable plastic materials designed for long-lasting use.