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01. Register as an affiliate

Choose the affiliate plan that suits you best and complete the general information for approval. Once you've submitted the sign-up form, our team will review your application to ensure seamless entry into our program.

02. Promote HairUrchins™

Expand your network by recruiting valuable sub-affiliates and utilizing our marketing tools. Share Hairurchins™ across various platforms, including retail shops, social media, beauty salons, blogs, and forums. Engage customers through compelling videos, testimonials, pictures, and exclusive coupons.

03. Start earning

Easily track customer spending and earnings with our advanced system. Access your earnings through our user-friendly portal, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Connect your bank account or PayPal for seamless monthly passive income. Your earnings will be directly deposited into your chosen account.

We support you every step of the way

You will have free access to all the necessary marketing tools

Support Services

A dedicated affiliate support team provides responsive support to help affiliates resolve any issues and provide necessary resources.

Promotion materials

Affiliates are provided with various promotional materials including product images, videos, testimonials, before-and-after photos, promotional coupons, and marketing collateral to effectively market the hair fibre to their audience.

Marketing Tools

Affiliates are provided with a suite of marketing tools, including unique referral links, promo codes, page builders, analytics tools, and QR codes, empowering them to effectively promote the product.

Technologically-Advanced Affiliate System

• Our reputable affiliate program, which utilizes a widely recognized and proven system, provides support for 28 languages and has helped over 2,800,000 affiliates generate significant income.

•  The 30-day cookie tracking system ensures affiliates receive commissions for any sales made within 30 days of the customer clicking on their referral link.

• The program features an intuitive login portal and dashboard accessible from desktop and mobile devices, allowing affiliates to monitor their sales, referrals, and earnings with comprehensive statistics.

• Commission payments are given top priority,, with timely and accurate payouts and clear communication in case of any disputes.

What market opportunity does the global issue of thinning hair offer for HairUrchins™ affiliates? 

Thinning hair is a prevalent issue that impacts people globally, offering a lucrative market opportunity for affiliates partnering with HairUrchins™. Individuals facing thinning or balding hair often spend substantial amounts on nutrient pills, hair treatments, and even invasive surgeries, yet the results can be underwhelming and costly. 

HairUrchins™ offers an affordable and effective daily solution that delivers instant and natural results, without the need for invasive interventions.

Trusted Industry Leader

Recognized for our high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted name in the hair fiber industry.

Efficient Global Delivery

With our global warehouse network, we offer speedy and efficient delivery, solidifying our brand's leadership in the hair fiber market.

Perfect Color Match 

Offering a wide range of hair fiber colors, we cater to diverse hair types and ethnicities, enabling affiliates to reach a global audience and meet customers' unique needs.

ESG Sustainability

Our dedication to global ESG sustainability and safety standards is evident through cruelty-free practices and SGS testing of our fibers, ensuring a sustainable and ethical approach

No audience? No worries! Recruiting Sub-affiliates

As a HairUrchins™ affiliate, you have the advantage of tapping into a vast network of potential customers through our sub-affiliate system. By recruiting sub-affiliates, such as Hairstylists, Aesthetics Clinic, Nail Technicians, Social Media Influencers, Membership and Fans-based Organization and Chambers of Commerce, you can leverage their existing audience base to expand your reach and boost your sales. This means you don't have to worry about building an audience from scratch. Instead, you can focus on building strong relationships with your sub-affiliates and collectively harness the power of their networks to drive more customers to HairUrchins™ products. It's a win-win situation where you benefit from their established audience market, and they benefit from the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting our high-quality hair thinning solutions.

Are you an influencer?

HairUrchins™ Fiber is perfect for influencers to showcase in before-and-after demonstrations, providing visible and impressive results. With its ability to transform thin hair into full and thick locks in just 5 seconds, it's ideal for captivating video shorts on platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

An existing HairUrchins™ user?

Inspire others with your own journey to thicker hair as an existing HairUrchins™ user. By letting people around you witness the tangible results in person, you become a powerful advocate who instills trust and confidence in our hair fiber solution.

Have a large audience?

Hairstylists, Aesthetics Clinic, Nail Technicians, Make Up Artist, Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor, Dating company, Membership and Fans-based Organization and Chambers of Commerce with a large audience can partner with HairUrchins™, benefiting from the ultimate solution for thinning hair for their customers and members.

HOBBY Affiliate Program

  • A free program.
  • Generate extra income by leveraging your spare time and personal interests through affiliate marketing. 
  • Earn a generous 25% commission for each new customer referral. Expand your reach with global market shipping, connecting with customers worldwide. Provide the ideal solution from our 10 colours, tailored to diverse hair types and ethnicities.
  • Expand your network, refer sub-affiliates, and tap into their customer bases to earn up to 10% commission on sales made through your sub-affiliate network.
  • You will have free access to a range of marketing materials and resources to support your promotional efforts.
  • The program features an intuitive login portal and dashboard accessible from desktop and mobile devices, allowing affiliates to monitor their sales, referrals, and earnings with comprehensive statistics.

CORPORATE Affiliate Program

  • HairUrchins™ offers a Corporate Affiliate Program specifically for hair salons, nail salons, beauty salons, and academies.
  • To learn more about the benefits and opportunities available through our Corporate Affiliate Program, please contact us at